Age Groups 2021/2022


Girls Age Groups -                                                                         Boys Age Groups

  2007/2008 Girls                                                                               2009/2010 Boys

  2009/2010 Girls                                                                               2011/2012 Boys

 2011/2012 Girls                                                                                 2013/2014 Coed



Just watch Futsal players fight to keep the ball from crossing the touch line and you'll immediately begin to see how Futsal develops skill, control, and technique. A small field with lines puts players constantly under pressure from other players and out-of-play boundaries. Players must learn to settle the ball rapidly, chop sharply, shield effectively, pass quickly and move into space.

There is no reward for errant passes because the other team gets the ball. There is no reward for errant shots because the other team gets the ball. There is no incentive to 'kick and run' because the field is too small and packed with players. Players with the ball must use proper technique to maintain control and must seek out other players in space. Players without the ball must move to 'real' space and must truly support their teammates.

With Futsal, the emphasis is clearly on control and technique. Without control and technique you cannot expect to succeed. And, if you are looking for a player center approach where the focus is on developing and providing the best environment for players, DPA is the place for you!


Sign up for our 2021-2022 tryouts and improve your skill and knowledge of the game!


Spring Pick up Games Friday March 4th 2022 at Kingdom Sports Center  (440 Watkins Glen Dr, Franklin, OH 45005)

5pm - 6pm - 2011/2012 Boys and Girls

6pm - 7pm - 2009/2010 Girls & 2013-14 Coed

7pm - 8pm - 2009/2010 Boys & 2007/08 


* Need to register in advance https://dpacobras.demosphere-secure.com/_registration  (select Futsal Tryouts 2021-2022)


Summer Possible Training Dates: Showcase 


JUNE   13th, 15th, 17th,19th, 20th, 22nd, 24th

JULY    6th, 8th

Time: TBA                                       


Questions about joining the DPA Futsal for 2021-2022 Season? Contact us at dpafutsal@gmail.com or call (973) 866-7802