"Andy coached me from Age 10 to Age 14.  He taught me a great love for the game.  He also taught me how to be creative with my play.  Before this, I always did the same thing with the ball every time down the field.  He helped me to develop my foot skills and not to just depend on my speed down the field.  He turned an athlete who liked the game into a true soccer player.  I have the utmost respect for Andy and will always consider him "my coach."

Annie Metzger

CUP Gold 99 Girls

ODP National Pool

 "Janelle was the first coach I had that showed me the tactical side of the soccer. She emphasized that there was more to the game than just being able to pass, shoot, and dribble. She took me to the next level mentally as a player, by making me a student of the game and not just a player on the field. She was also very supportive throughout my entire soccer career and always wants her players to be successful in soccer and in life."
Deja Tennon
Eastern Kentucky Univ. Women's Soccer 2009-2013
Two time 2nd Team All-OVC

"Andy has helped me in so many ways it's hard to keep count. From age 6 to age 13 I learned something from him every practice I had with him. Andy always expected my best every time I had the ball at my feet weather it was practice or a soccer match. He helped me with my foot skills, my aggression, my knowledge on the field, and definitely had an impact on my love for the game. I've had help and training from other coaches and trainers, but there has not been anyone like Andy who saw my potential and expected nothing less out of me. Andy always knew how to include fun and play in practices while coaching and for all of his players to benefit from that practice. Andy loved every single one of his players as if they were his own child. I'm extremely thankful and lucky to have had the opportunity to be coached by such an amazing and experienced coach. I've had so many memories with Andy. I wouldn't be where I am today in soccer if it weren't for him. For all of Andy's future players; please please please work your very hardest for him...He will help you and construct you a ton, but take what he gives you and apply it in every game and practice. Trust me it will put a smile on his face to see his teams succeed and moving in a positive direction. I couldn't have asked for a better coach and friend throughout all those years. Thanks for all you've done Andy!"
Rachel Goodman
CUP 99 Gold

"Janelle is constantly looking for new ways to better her players, on and off the field. She not only knows the games but also uses the best approaches to strengthen every individual and team. She always puts her players, teams, and coaches before herself and for me, as a past player of hers, that made all difference. I owe a large part of the person and player I am today to Janelle and I am beyond grateful to have her in my life."
Haley Gribler
Lee University Women's Soccer 2013-Present

"I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to train with Janelle for 3 years. Janelle helped me to grow technically and tactically as a player. Within the first season of playing on her team my confidence on the ball had drastically improved. Also, I went from being able to juggle the ball 17 times in a row to 300 times in a row. Her player centered coaching style has definitely benefited me in the long run as I have been able to achieve my goal of playing for my high school varsity soccer team."
Allie Miller
Centerville Girls Varsity Soccer

"Thanks for a great tournament for kids!   They had a blast!  Love the program by the way!  We would like to do more in Spring with you guys!"
KC Dunford

"I wanted to send a positive note as I thought DPA deserved some recognition. Riley’s team played the same team you did the game evaluation on and she scored 5 goals. Through all the training she is learning, building confidence, and enjoying soccer that much more than before. It truly wouldn’t be possible without DPA. While I look forward to continuing to watch Riley grow I look forward to seeing how DPA makes a difference in the Dayton area soccer community as well"
Aram Beam

"Just wanted to tell you that Dom's team played well this weekend at State Cup.  Giving up only two goals throughout group play.  Dom played the entire game yesterday and today at the "5". Thank you DPA for everything you have helped him with. You truly personify FAMILY!"
Vince Breidenbach

"I just wanted to drop you guys a quick note. Joshua had a game this morning and he scored two goals. No big deal but it was the way he scored them. The first goal he used five moves and on the second goal he used four moves, specifically moves you had been working with them in training. You know it is impressive when the the other five Dads turn around and compliment Josh on his ball skills. I gave all the thanks to you two and your training. Keep doing exactly what you do and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. I am so happy at the advancement both my kids have made under your guidance and look forward to you training them both going forward."
Jeff Williams

"On a side note, I just wanted to let you know that Jayci played so well in her tournament last weekend.  She had a hat trick in the first game and 6 goals/2 assists total for the weekend.  We could tell such a big difference in her footwork and especially in her strength when striking the ball and finishing.  She received several compliments from other parents and coaches, and Jayci kept saying that she has the best trainers and can tell the difference herself."
Missy Mitchell

"Just wanted to say that Lillian LOVES juniors.  She is very shy and we have not had much luck signing her up for activities in the past but she is loving soccer at DPA.  She asks just about every day when her next soccer is.  Thank you for doing such a great job with her!  She has a lot of fun and likes to come home and show us the moves she has learned!

Kate Jeng

"Wow... We can see an improvement with Nathan on the soccer field.  He's gained more speed and looks like he wants to get in there and play.  Confidence looks so much better.  Thanks for all your time with him!"
Tracye Rose

 "She took a PK this weekend at a tournament and buried it! Because of you guys she wasn't nervous or anything. You guys rock!!!!"
Amy Weller

 "Just wanted to say thank you for putting together this well organized 5v5 tournament.  The girls had a lot of fun and enjoyed the competition.  We got to see a lot of GOOD soccer Monday.  We can't wait for the next one."
Krista Gross

"Wanted to write a brief testimonial in support of Andy and Janelles DPA Cobras. Our U11 son has been training with them for the past couple of months. Incredible training. Lots of ball touches. Very small groups. Would highly recommend to any parent out there who's son/daughter is looking for top notch supplemental training - over and above what their club might offer."
Mike Ruetschle

"By the way, she had two goals and an assist tonight in her game; they won 4-1.  On her second goal, she put the defender in her 'pocket' like she learned in training; previously the defender would get right around her and knock the ball away but she kept her body between the ball and the defender and had a good shot for a goal."
Eric Molnar

"I also wanted tell you.  Hanna scored two goals at her last indoor game!!  She plays mid field or defense so the opportunity for her to score is limited.  She has probably scored a handful of times in her lifetime of games.  She has never scored twice in one game!!!  Her confidence has increased and we can see such a huge improvement in her skills in the few short weeks you have worked with her.  Thank you!!  We are so glad we found you guys!!!"
Jen Roy 

"He is enjoying the training and it has helped his confidence. It really showed in his game on Monday. The other team was hanging on his jersey and trying to be more physical with him because they were not stopping him 1v1. This training has worked out well for him. It gives him a good setting to perfect skills that the typical team practice setting doesn't allow for."
Johnny Moler

"My daughter was coached and or trained by Andy from when she was only seven years old until she was almost thirteen. Today, she plays on the top team for her club, which is recognized as one of the best in the region. She also made and started on the varsity team as a freshman at a division one high school. Over those years with Andy, I watched her love for the game grow exponentially. Without a doubt, she would not be where she is today if it was not for Andy. Andy’s teaching and coaching philosophies of young players is excellent. I have not seen nor been around a better youth coach than he is. Simply put…..when it comes to player development, teaching the game of soccer and having the kids play the game the right way, you will find no one better than Andy."

Mark Goodman

CUP Gold 99 Parent

 "Janelle coached and trained my youngest daughter for four years.  During those years I watched my daughter's soccer skills and confidence grow. Janelle focuses on good soccer skills first and foremost - winning was secondary.  Many of Janelle's training sessions focused on foot skills and passing skills that has paid huge dividends during my daughter's high school career. Additionally - Janelle focused on "soccer fitness" which once again prepared my daughter to be successful at the high school level.  The great thing about Janelle's approach is even though she focused on enhancing skills first - winning became a bi-product of her approach."
Bob Trick
Parent of Emily Trick 
Alter Girls Varsity Soccer

“Our daughter Grace just completed her sophomore season at Cleveland State University.  Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the one individual who inspired Grace to be so much more than a 10 year old soccer player was Janelle Fritschie!  Janelle’s unflappable and positive coaching style, her knowledge, her individual hand-written notes before each game on the road – customized for each athlete’s areas of improvement – these consistent positive approaches developed Grace’s love of the game, and a her commitment to go far in this sport.  I suspect many coaches will spring forth in the next decade because of Janelle Fritschie’s mentoring and coaching.”
John and Chris Condit
Parent of Grace Condit
Cleveland State University Women's Soccer