Concepts and Methodology

Player Development Plan 

*  Technical Training

*  Tactical Training

*  Functional Training (position-specific training)

*  Performance Training (Speed Power Agility Reaction Quickness)

*  Self-Training (training on your own, Leadership and Mentoring programs)

*  Mental Training

Technical - DPA players will develop their ability to keep close control of the ball in tight space, to penetrate on the dribble, to receive the ball with a variety of surfaces while keeping the ball moving, to finish from different situations, to strike the ball over different distances, both on the ground as well as in the air.

Tactical - DPA players will be able to play in a variety of positions in several formations.

Physical - DPA players will develop match-related fitness; speed, power, agility and quickness. The players will progress from learning basic motor skills and coordination in the initial stage, to developing dynamic speed, agility, endurance and strength in the intermediate and advanced stages. The DPA has a focus on developing physical skills that apply directly to the game and learning how and when to use those skills to solve problems in the game. DPA players have access to sports science, nutrition, and injury prevention resources.

Mental - DPA players have a ‘training-mentality,’ an appreciation for training as the means to achieve competitive results; the acquisition of technique and the application of skill to solve problems in games. DPA players understand the relationship between team-training (training at the club) and self-training (training at home), as it relates to total player development. DPA players have access to Leadership and Mentoring programs in order to develop the core values of character, leadership, discipline and humility.