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Virtual Player Development Binder

Virtual Player Development Binders

Dayton Players Academy is proud to announce our Virtual Player Development Binder system to help players with their development outside of regular training sessions and games with their club team. Cost is $95 for a year subscription to the service. This gives you 52 weeks of information at less than $2 a week!

What is a Virtual Player Development Binder?

It will aid the players in development of their technical skills, tactical understanding, sports psychology, leadership, and physical health. Included in the binder, there will be fun skill challenges and interactive material.  You will be able to participate in as much or as little as you would like with this learning tool.  It is great for both in-season and off-season development.

What age players is the Virtual Player Development Binder for?

There are different stages within the Binder.  You can register for any stage you want based on your players ability and desire.

Stage 1 – This is the beginning level and is geared towards the youngest player (up to U9)

Stage 2 – This is the intermediate level and is geared towards players U10-U11

Stage 3 – This is the advanced intermediate level and is geared towards players U12-U13

Stage 4 – This is the advanced level geared towards players U13-U15

Stage 5 – This is the expert level geared towards players U14-U18

How is the material delivered?

The material is delivered through Google +.  Upon registration, each player or family participating will receive instructions on how to create a Google + account.

What material and information will you receive?

Players will receive:

1.    Weekly skills challenges

2.    Articles and information on sports psychology, leadership, tactics, fitness, and more!

3.    Guidance on self evaluation through game journals

4.    Guidance on training on their own and tracking that training to maximize their improvement

5.    Videos to help with skills, provide inspiration, and role models

6.    Assistance in goal setting, fitness planning, self training planning

7.    Feedback and communication on questions

Can parents be a part of it?

Definitely yes!!

How do we register?

Go to and login or create your account.  You can register for any of the stages online and start immediately!

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